Event planning company,
from Verona
to all around Italy

Event planning company, from Verona to all around Italy

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Thanks to the intuition of Stefania Fazzi, founder of Endes, our event planning company in Verona has been organizing in-person and digital events for you and your company since 1996.

Choose our all-female team, where experts will be ready to actualize your event ideas by organizing conferences, corporate hospitality events, webinars, congresses and meetings at various levels, all planned and designed down to the last detail, leaving nothing to chance.
Qualified staff, such as hostesses and stewards, will attend your event and will be by your guests’ side at all times.
We also provide translation and interpreting services, as well as the opportunity to enjoy high-level hosting services to guarantee an effective, enchanting and impactful digital event.

We select exclusive venues, ranging from:
Feelings and emotions associated with an event are our top priority: each event will be custom-made and planned precisely for you and your guests. To reach this goal, we listen to your needs and we design your dream event with professionalism, competence and passion. We will showcase your product, your project, your informational content and training material, aiming at exceeding your clients’ expectations.
In recognition of the high-quality standards achieved with its services, Endes obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certification and the ISO 9001:2015 certification, both renewed on an annual basis.
In doing so, we pursue our professional goals as event planners with confidence and professionalism:
Our story
Endes was founded
Endes was founded by the intuition of Stefania Fazzi with the motto “provide solutions, not problems”. Everything began in a small office located in a palace, surrounded by farmland and trees.
First ISO 9001 certification
Annual assessments and renewals recognize the professionalism of our staff and the value of our work processes.
231 Organizational Model
Endes adopted the “231 Organizational Model”, whereby all employees of the company shall comply with regulations on corporate responsibility.
Digital and phygital events
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to rethink the way we design events; Endes specializes in planning digital and hybrid events, thereby guaranteeing an uninterrupted flow of exchange between companies and people.
Sustainability Certification

Our journey to obtain a Sustainability Certificate kicks off. We carefully select green energy locations, we combine physical and virtual participation, and we choose suppliers adopting environmentally friendly policies


Endes Team
“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love”.
Stefania Fazzi
General Management & Events
Dynamic, determined, optimistic, founder of Endes, she works both in the event planning unit and in the hosting services unit.
“Beauty will save the world”.
Gaia Zapparelli
Administration & Quality
Reflective, rational, meticulous, she is in charge of administration and quality procedures.
“You must keep a steady, moderate pace, and focus on the present; because fatigue arises when one thinks about the past and the future, while if you walk and only focus on the small possible step that you can take in this very moment, you are sure to reach your destination at some point”.
Fabia Boraso
Senior Event Manager
Outgoing, dedicated, naturally enthusiastic, she is in charge of event planning and hosting services at national level.
“Whatever you are,
be a good one”.
Lorenza Gallio
Hosting Services & Events
Practical, sympathetic, straight to the point, she is in charge of recruitment and hosting services at national level.
Work with us
We are selecting hostesses and stewards to join
our team for trade fairs and corporate events.
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