Digital PR: Social

Having an authoritative online presence allows customers to perceive greater attractiveness towards your brand.

Today, communicating through web has become essential to determine the reputation and notoriety of your brand. In order to do it, you need specific skills and being constant.

The new corporate communication, focused on Digital PR, has become a vital tool in order to achieve business goals.

That’s why we offer you a complete creation and management service of your Social Media, to guarantee you an active online participation.

We do this by researching  the most efficient digital strategies for your brand; up to the maximum expression of communication: corporate event.

Never as before, online and offline presence must be coherent and integrated with your brand personality.


Endes offers you an all-round digital communication proposal, through:

  • An in-depth research of the market and the brand.
  • Definition of goals.
  • A careful selection of the most appropriate channels for the users we want to reach
  • Creation of concept and contents (Copy and graphics)
  • Monitoring results through KPIs.


We strongly believe that online communication is only effective if it is human.

We used to communicate with an empathic language and with the continuous search for interaction with our audience.


Remember that behind each screen, there is always a person.