Every event is unique.
This is why we want our services to be unique as well.

We take care of organizing company events and we are good at it. Not very modest? No, it’s that we’ve been doing this work since 1996 and we know what we’re talking about.

We take care of everything, from the concept of the event to welcoming the guests, from the location to the graphic creation of invitations and related materials (directional marks, banners, roll-ups), from logistics to hospitality (pick-ups, hotels, restaurants, organizational secretarial work, escort service).

Our specialty is corporate hospitality. Because we believe that the beautiful memories related to your event are priceless and that leaving emotions is the best return in terms of image.
For your guests, we plan original, creative and out-of-the-ordinary cultural programmes. They are experiences that are full of the soul of Verona, which make the city known through exhibitions, exclusive dinners on the stage of some historical theatre, visits to wine cellars to learn about the wines with exclusive tastings, guided tours to discover the hidden corners of the city that are less known to tourists.

We like working for you and we do it with enthusiasm. But we also like to play our part in creating positive reinforcement and work for the social, cultural and artistic improvement of everyone. A concern that resulted in the financing of the lucky TEDx in Verona in 2017.

Our services

These are your most important moments. We organize them, all you have to do is live them.